The Men’s Group is a support network that, as the name suggests, is a service that HVSG offers men, young and old. 

The group provides an environment and a perspective for the often forgotten issue of men’s grief that occurs during this time of trauma.

Societal and cultural pressures often create an environment that expects men to put aside their own pain in order to be “The Strong One”. While most men are sometimes happy to take on this role they don’t always attend to their own grief.

The men’s group is attended by men who have all experienced the trauma and the pain arising from the murder of a loved one.

The men’s group combined experiences and personal knowledge of the trauma of murder provides a powerful and invaluable resource for new members.

The members of our men’s group all share one other common characteristic. They all at one stage questioned the value of a men’s group and thought that they could do it on their own.

Some men believe they can’t grieve and support their family members at the same time. But after attending a support meeting or a men’s weekend, they came away feeling that their grief does not have to be all consuming and that they can feel their grief and still be able enough to support their family.


The Men’s Group meets on a regular basis. See the newsletter or call the office for details regarding these meetings. 

Other areas that the men’s group focuses on

  • Mentoring
  • Coping
  • Legal Issues
  • Education
  • Suggestions for guest speakers


We have an active list of men who act as mentors to new members. Due to their own personal experiences, our mentors can offer ideal support and guidance to new members who can feel lost as they try to adapt and control the trauma of murder.

How to Cope Everyone has different coping strategies. 

The men’s group members provide personal stories on how they coped. We often find that these stories can inspire other members to develop similar strategies that can make a difference.

If you are worried about your reactions or feelings, please call us on 02 8833 8400 or toll free 1800 191 777 any time of the day or night.