The concept of Ebony House came about after Christine Simpson, from her own experiences, identified the need for some kind of ‘recovery’ centre for people affected by the murder of a loved one. 

After much hard work from members and friends Mr. Bob Carr, Premier of NSW, officially opened Ebony House on 8th December 1995. The house was named in memory of Ebony Simpson. 

The purpose of Ebony House is to give people affected by homicide a place to go when they feel overwhelmed with everyday life. 

There are two cottages where families or individuals can stay, the second named Ivory House. There, in beautiful and safe surroundings, families have the opportunity to spend some quiet time alone or with each other.

For many people experiencing the trauma of the death of a loved one through homicide, there is sometimes a need to get away from everyday things – from all the well-meaning people who phone and drop in, from the media and from all the reminders of the loved one in their homes. It is for these reasons that Ebony and Ivory Houses were created. 

Some people like to be alone at this time and this can also be arranged. One of the cottages will be made available to you and you need have no contact with anyone unless you wish to do so. 

Support meetings are held regularly at Ebony House. This is an opportunity for families and friends of homicide victims to get together and provide care and support for each other. The day is casual and relaxed and everyone is made welcome. Please contact the office for more information about these meetings. 

Accommodation for families at Ebony House is totally free of charge. Families from NSW, interstate and overseas who come to Sydney for court cases or just for a break away, also use the houses. 

Ebony House is not only a tribute to Ebony Simpson but also a memorial to all murder victims. It is also proof that grief and anger can be channelled into positive energy with astounding results

There is no cost to family members of homicide using Ebony or Ivory Houses. The group raisers funds throughout the year to maintain and to provide this very much needed facility.

If you are worried about your reactions or feelings, please call us on 02 8833 8400 or toll free 1800 191 777 any time of the day or night.