The HVSG (Aust) Inc Sponsors

Many thanks to those caring individuals and businesses for their ongoing support, known and anonymous!

A special thank you to Trevor Oates of Baby Boomers’ Boffin for his continued technical support with computers, telephones and anything else that is broken and doesn’t work.  Hail, rain or shine and no matter what time of the day, you are always there for us Trevor.

Thank you to Graeme Robinson - for ongoing technical support and database genius!  The database has been our most valuable tool. We could never manage without you!

HDY sponsor

Henry Davis York, on 31 October 2007 was awarded the 2007 Pro Bono Partnership Award by the NSW Law and Justice Foundation for the unique services it provides to the Homicide Victims’ Support Group (Aust) Inc. The Group is proud to be associated with HDY and we look forward to a continuing and long partnership.

PWC sponsor

Our thanks go to Price Waterhouse Coopers for kindly providing ongoing professional auditing services and advice to the Homicide Victims’ Support Group (Aust) Inc.

Macquarie Home

Thank you to Macquarie Bank foundation for their support and  generous donation.

Solutions First logo

Solutions First for their ongoing website support and keeping us connected online.  Thanks Andrew!


Unite Against Violence Walk 2014

Unite Against Violence and Ride for Justice, such a wonderful event would not be possible without the support and help of so many people. We have endeavoured to acknowledge all, I do apologise if anyone has been missed please know that your support and contribution is much appreciated.

I would like to acknowledge White Ribbon an Australian prevention campaign to end men’s violence against women, who have united with us today in our efforts to create awareness of the reality that any type of violence can lead to death. Sadly many of our victims are primary victims of domestic violence. HVSG thanks you for your support and we look forward to a continued alliance in the future.

Firstly a huge thank you to the Unite Against Violence walk HVSG committee, Mary Cusumano, Robert & Rosalie Taylor, Rosemary and Oliver Zammitt, Ron Lockhart, Tim and Vanya King, Pete Simpson. All my beautiful colleges that are  HVSG counsellors and admin staff, who support and work with our families on a day to day basis all guided by our beautiful Martha who works tirelessly and so passionately for all.

Thank you to the all the volunteers for your time and help today. Bendigo Bank led by Rebecca Robertson for your presence and support.

The devoted rotarains of Rotary Club of Wetherill Park, for your support once again and catering to our hungry bellies after our walk.

To all those who have been apart of the Ride for Justice. John Laycock who managed to turn many red lights greens, dedicating many hours attending meetings and writing safety reports to make it all happen.  Thank you to Simon Bouda for all your contributions and ground work again this year.

Thank you to Bill Green and the Lady of Fatima Lend a Hand Committee for providing breakfast a Ebony House early this morning to fuel our riders.

On Two Wheels Motorsports that is my beautiful family for supplying goodie bags for all our riders at their stop at Kuttabul. And for their endless support behind the scenes leading up to and on the day.

Tony Fitzgerald for gracing us with your classic cars and humour.

Thank you to members of the NSW Police, ambulance and fire fighters, members of NSW Legal Fraternity and NSW Nursing Association, & HMAS Kuttabul for your participation.

Thank you to those Members of Parliament and their families who participated on the day and showed their support.

Thank you to the Sydney Harbour Bridge Authority and North Sydney Council for supporting us.

Thank you to Gabriella from Javale Uniforms for making all of our great HVSG merchandise happen.

Thank you to Tracey and Betty Shaw and AC Labels for our HVSG water Bottles.

A big thank you to our photographer Santo and apprentice ? from ISO Love Photography for once again capturing all of the amazing moments from the day.

Thank you to Pete and Jackie Stanton for designing our flyers.

Maree Dawes for your generous donation and support.

And finally a thank you to Jason Thompson for making our wonderful banner which is meant for you all HVSG thanks you.

Chantelle Pirotta, Homicide Victims Support Group


Generous Donations

Our grateful appreciation goes to family members, support people and other organisations for the most generous donations you have given to the group.

Alan & Jan Roberts, Allan & Beryl Driscoll, Allison Guthrie – Domestic &

Family Violence, Ann Corlett, Benjamin & Vivian Tranquilino, Bert & Helen Taylor, Brenden Klein,
Bruce & Lesley, Forbes, Bruce Nicholson, Cath Knight, Colleen Wood, David & Lyn Nunan,
David Wilson, Debra Portelli, Denise & John Cobcroft, Diana Brooker, Elizabeth Nagy, Eva Scipione,
Gina Langley, Gina Simionescu, Gladys Olliffe, Goulburn DVLO Course 2012, Graham Childs,
Helene Naumenko, Hurstville DVLO Course 2012, Ian Kennedy, Ivy Redman, Janice Poulson,
Joan Scamarcia, Julie Hand, Justin Reizes, Kay Breust, Karen Philpot, Katrina Leech, Kay Cole,
Leaca Robertson, Leslie Gleeson, Lessel Davis, Loui Soravia, Maree Dawes, Margaret Macdonald,
Merle McCormick, Monica Allibon, National Australia Bank – In Memory of Nancy Brayshaw, New Idea,
Pam Nay, Peter Leveson, Princeton Nurseries Pty Ltd, Randi Leighton, Rhonda Groves,
Richard & Beverley Bremner, Robert & Rosalie Taylor, Robin Sing, Robyn Wilton, Rosana Sheppard,
Sharondell Grennan, Sheenah Pincini, Stephen Phillips, The Gamesmen, Tom & Louise Menhennitt,
Tom Deacon, Vicki Abrey, Vivienne Wighton, Wayne & Sue McNally, Yvonne Bowden & Yvonne Iliffe

In Memory of Chloe Byron
B W Adams, Barlara Pty Ltd, Bondi Longboard Club, John Connolly, MJ Lipping Constructions, P & E
Murace, Pipeline Plumbing Developments Pty, SJ & MA Jones, South Sydney Juniors Rugby League
Club, R & M Jamieson & SJ & MA Jones

In Memory of Luke Robins
Elaine Carter, G Lynas, Ian Collison, Ian Milne, Libby, Rene & Elizabeth Wynen,
Peter & Deborah Wilson & Telstra


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